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What do Invitations sets generally cost?

Pricing for custom sets starts at around $2.45 a set printed. (matted invite, envelope, postcard rsvp)

DIY material sets start at $1.00 a set.

Non-Custom sets start at $125 for 75 sets and have a wide price and design selection.

Boxed sets pricing varies per style from $29.99 to $39.99 for either 25 or 50 set packages. You can D.I.Y the printing yourself or we can do it for you! Printing for Boxed sets is $1 per set. (includes Invite, rsvp, and tags, if included in set)

Do I have to Order a certain number of invitations?

  • For Custom Invitations - No order minimums
  • For D.I.Y. Materials - Yes, minimum quantity of 10
  • For non-custom sets - Yes order in sets of 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, etc.

How can you meet my budget?

Most of our cardstocks are also available as paper, so you can layer with paper and print on paper and save about half the cost of cardstock. You can also down size the actual size of the invitation to save.

Tips for Saving Money

  • Assemble your own invitations
  • Take out a few background layers
  • Patterns are the most expensive then textured metallics, metallics and mattes. To save money consider using matte colours instead of metallics, textured metallics etc.
  • Have the design made in a smaller size, instead of a 6x9 invitation order a 5x7 invitation or 4x5. Instead of a 7x7 invitation order a 5x5 invitation.
  • Do a postcard Rsvp instead of adding extra envelopes.
  • Have all the information you need in your invitation and inserts ready to avoid extra revisions. (you get 5 revisions included after that there is a fee) 

Can you do Online orders?

Yes. If you know what you want ordering through email or phone is very easy.

Is there added Tax?

Yes. HST is charged.


Photos can be added to your invitations, call for a quote.

How long before I wish to mail my invitations should I make an appointment?

To ensure enough time to complete, make appointments at least 2 months before you wish to mail out your invites. The more time the better incase I am fully booked with clients. For rush orders, I can have sets competed within one week for a rush fee. Call for a quote.

What is the approval process for artwork and typesetting?

After you have given me an idea of the style you wish to convey, i will produce design draft options for you to critique through a PDF file I will email you.

Once you have chosen your design, you will submit any edits you wish to see on your invites and inserts. From there finals will be produced and you can approve in person (through a print test) or via email.

Can you print place cards and table numbers?

Yes and match them to your invites.

Can you do invitations in other languages?

Yes, all other languages type must be submitted and spell checked by the client.

Can offers be joined on one order?

No. Any vouchers or deals are stand alone and cannot be joined with other offers.

Are Gift Certificates available?

Yes, in any amount you need. I can also produce Gift Certificates for your business.

Can you Ship my invitations to me?

Yes. Current Canada Post pricing will apply. You may choose express post, priority mail or regular mail. International orders - postage will vary call for quote. We can also ship UPS, FED EX or CanPar.

Can you add postage to my RSVP’s while assembling?

Yes, current postage rates will apply. There is no charge for this assembly, this saves you time, by not having to take apart all the sets to put a stamp on the rsvp envelope.

Ordering Timelines:

Invitations are typically sent 2-4 months before the wedding date.  However, if you are having a destination wedding or you are marrying over the holidays, you should send out the invitations 4 to 6 months before the wedding. If you are concerned with people’s availability you should first send ‘save the date’ cards.

I would also suggest that you order your invitations 2 months before you plan to send them out to avoid any unforeseen complications.

Invitations take around 3-4 weeks to receive and produce, Please note that you should also leave time for the design process of the invitation when there will be some going back and forth to make sure the invitations are designed exactly how you want them.

Rush Invitations can be completed within 1 week for an increased fee, call for quote.

D.I.Y. Materials:

Once you place your order for Invitation supplies it take aprox. 1 week for your order to come in, at which time you can pick them up or have them shipped to you.